The Italian Infantry Battalion

The absence of detailed, reliable organisational information for the Italian Army during the Second World War is quite marked.  I've asked around the web numerous times, been occasionally gifted with some terrific items, and other times promised information that never materialised.  All in all, it's the most frustrating area of research I've undertaken for the site.

What makes this all the more annoying is that the Italians deployed a variety of unit types, from standard Infantry to Alpine via motorised and motorcycle troops, all of which would make excellent additions.  However, for reasons unknown it appears that practically nothing chronicling the detailed organisational aspects of these units remains.

As a result, this section remains limited to the Italian Infantry Battalion in three distinct versions, namely its original organisation, one of the motorised versions used in North Africa, and finally that found with the Allied Co-Belligerent forces from late 1944 onwards.

The Italian Infantry Battalion 1940 to 1943

Derived from various sources, including the vague overall outline which is widely agreed upon, and more detailed information on subunits which has been gifted to me from fellow enthusiasts credited appropriately.

Italian Infantry Battalion North Africa 1942

This was a unit I had not detailed previously because the only source I had for it came from the Nafziger Collection.  As George Nafizger has now generously donated his works to the Combined Arms Research Library for public use, there seems no point any longer in omitting it.   

The Italian Combat Group Infantry Battalion

Derived from the War Establishment table for an Infantry Battalion for an Italian Combat Group (Italian Personnel), ref XII/360/1, notified in Army Council Instructions 8th November 1944, effective 1st September 1944.

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